Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack

Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack

X7 Phenom Super Pack

Kit Includes

X7 Phenom Marker
UMP Foregrip
M-16 Shroud
Assault Foregrip
G36 Shroud
M-16 Front Sight
Assault Front Sight
M-16 Carry Handle
G36 Carry Handle
M-16 Collapsible Stock
G36 Folding Stock
Assault Folding Collapsible Stock
M-16 curved Magazine
M-16 Straight Magazine
UMP Magazine
14” Pathfinder Barrel
The new X7 Super Pack is designed to provide you with the ultimate value and versatility in a premium paintball marker. This kit includes a total of 17 mods including 4 different shrouds/foregrips, 3 stocks, 3 magazines, 2 carry handles with sights and a 14” Pathfinder barrel. If all of these components were purchased separately, they would have a retail value of over $850!

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